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Moss Rose Farm finds its roots in the most honest of places: a young woman’s heart. In the words of Elizabeth Jensen, the founder and owner of Moss Rose Farm…

“I grew up in Los Angeles and every chance I could get to be around or riding horses I took, chasing my passion. Although I didn’t grow up around horses as a child I started to dream about one day having my own farm and breeding horses.

“Attending Oregon State University was the first step towards fulfilling that dream. At the end of my sophomore year I started leasing a half-Arabian. 2 years later I purchased my first horse an Arabian gelding “Scooter.” He was fun but challenging and he taught me much. Paloma SF (Georgio AF x WA Lida Rose) was my second horse. The first time I set eyes on her I was enchanted. Since that momentus day, she has shown me how Arabians are not only beautiful and versatile, but also best friends and teachers. In 2010 I rode Paloma to my first Top 5 in AAOTR Western Pleasure at the Region 4 Championships.

“The past four years I have been paving the foundation of what was to become Moss Rose Farm. In spring 2011 I graduated with my Masters of Business Administration. I also welcomed my first foal Phive Star Poker (LBA LodeStar x Paloma SF) into the world. He has his dam’s sweet personality and a wonderful willingness to work.

“Early 2014 I had the opportunity to accelerate my plans and dream to breed quality Arabians for halter and performance. I acquired two of my programs foundation broodmares. MR Bella Luna and her dam Empress of Marwan. I am excited to see how the future unfolds with these two beautiful mares.”

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